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About Brighter View Foundation

Established in June 2018

Who We Are

Brighter View Foundation is 501(c)3 tax exempt non profit organization. 

What We Do

Brighter View Foundation is on a mission to enhance life through health, wellness and fitness for specialized populations; seniors, special needs, youth and morbidly obese.  

A healthy lifestyle is not as accessible or understandable for everyone.  We are often fed the image of how we should look and feel without the appropriate tools to get there.  We are on a mission to stop negative body image and self doubt that are sabotaging many. We coordinate fitness, nutrition and lifestyle plans at appropriate intellectual levels.

Our Goals

Promote health education to under served specialized populations

Provide intellectually appropriate resources

Make health, wellness & fitness easily accessible

Promote Positive Body Image

Promote healthy living

Encourage active lifestyles

Build strong healthy communities

Encourage individuals to get to the next level of their fitness journey


Start today! Start where you are! You have support!  Brighter View Foundation



Next Steps...

Start today! Start where you are!