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About Brighter View Foundation

Established in June 2018

Who We Are

Brighter View Foundation is 501(c)3 tax exempt non profit organization.

Our Mission Statement:

Brighter View is working to positively impact lives for people with disabilities, seniors and those that care for them.  We do this by providing health and wellness education,quality support services and by working to remove barriers to opportunities in the community.

What We Do

Brighter View Foundation is on a mission to enhance life through health, wellness and fitness for specialized populations; seniors, special needs, youth and morbidly obese. A healthy lifestyle is not as accessible or understandable for everyone.  We are often fed the image of how we should look and feel without the appropriate tools to get there.  We are on a mission to stop negative body image and self doubt that are sabotaging many. We coordinate fitness, nutrition and lifestyle plans at appropriate intellectual levels.

Our Goals

Promote health education to under served specialized populations

Provide intellectually appropriate resources

Make health, wellness & fitness easily accessible

Promote Positive Body Image

Promote healthy living

Encourage active lifestyles

Build strong healthy communities

Encourage individuals to get to the next level of their fitness journey.

Ways to help

Your support means everything! Roles at Brighter View Foundation


In this volunteer role, community members (Students, Parents/caregivers, Interns) are the faces and voices of our foundation. We train all Ambassadors in every aspect of our training programs, outreach events and sponsorship levels. This is a vital role, without our Ambassadors the BVF would not be able to reach into the communities to provide both awareness and support of the services we offer. A typical event for an Ambassador would be attending a community event with an Awesome Person, handing out literature and being the voice and the face of the people we are passionate about. Ambassadors are eligible for our Ambassador Award. This is a grant, or scholarship, based on hours of service given and a nomination by an Amazing Person.


This is a supporting role for our Foundation. They are the businesses, corporate sponsors and people that provide financial support, fundraising partnerships, In kind donations and the physical needs and resources of our programs. Some of the benefits of being a Visionary Sponsor are tax credits, advertising, community outreach events that will encourage business collaboration and yearly Visionary Award Recognition. This business would be invited to attend the yearly banquet as a Keynote Speaker for the Foundation.

                -Amazing People

The community we serve, those amazing individuals of all ages and abilities with intellectual, developmental and/or physical disabilities. They attend our events, enroll in our programs and are the heartbeat of Brighter View Foundation. The more they participate the greater the reward. We have participation program that awards positive achievements in our programs with swag (t-shirts, water bottles, bracelets, hats),  an “Amazing Feature” article in the newsletter, and a yearly Amazing Experience Recipient, to be announced at the yearly banquet.

Make your spending dollars go further!

Amazon Smiles- Select Brighter View Foundation and Amazon donates a percentage of your spending to Brighter View Foundation! Just select Brighter View Foundation as your charity of choice and it cost you nothing additional!

Avon- Shop your favorite health and beauty essentials and Avon will donate up to 40% WOW! To Brighter View Foundation.  Happy shopping!

Compass for a Cause- Select Brighter View Foundation when opening a new account with BBVA Compass and they will make a donation to our charity not costing you anything additional. 

Already a BBVA Compass member…...AWESOME! Notify BBVA Compass that you would like to support Brighter View Foundation as your charity of choice and BBVA Compass will donate a percentage of your spending to Brighter View Foundation! Just select Brighter View Foundation as your charity of choice and it cost you nothing!

The affinity code for Brighter View Foundation is 145183


You can always go to our website and make a donation directly!


We are always in need of awesome people to help support the community.  Think of who in your network that would make a great community partner as an Ambassador, a Visionary, an Awesome person or just an all around amazing supporter.

Talent Needed- 

Marketing team, Branding/Design team, Grant Writers and Research team, Tech Support, Event Planners and Fundraisers, Health, Wellness and Fitness enthusiast.

In-Kind Donations-

Volunteers, gift cards, water, non perishable food, tablets, computers, cell phones, art and office supplies, printing services, fitness equipment and other needs.  We work with many local nonprofits and community outreach programs to make a positive difference.

Start today! Start where you are! You have support!  Brighter View Foundation



Next Steps...

Start today! Start where you are!